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The trumpet is a prominent member of the brass family of instruments and is one of the most popular instruments in all of music. Trumpet players can be heard across nearly all genres of music, including classical, jazz, rock, pop, ska, polka, swing, blues and funk. Among the most popular trumpet players of all time are Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis and Maynard Ferguson.

Throughout my career as a trumpet player I have performed on almost every possible occasion. I can prepare any standard that you have ever heard or improvise on any of your favorite melodies from the past, or current chart hits.

A trumpeter, trumpeter or trumpet player can help create the perfect ambiance at a formal private event.

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Trumpet Lessons London

If you are looking for a qualified trumpet teacher, you are in the right place. Trumpet Lessons in London can be given at my studio or at students house. As a music instructor, I teach young beginners and advanced players, there is never a bad time to enter the world of music. I teach in all parts of London, at your place or at my London studio or even online through Skype

I can help you become a TRUMPET KING.

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"Adam is an excellent trumpeter, and a great comunicator, who has all the ingredients of a wonderful teacher. I made huge progress under his tuition, and his flexibility allowed me to manage lessons around my busy schedule. I would completely recommend Aam as a teacher to anyone out there looking to learn the trumpet, no matter what level they may already be at."
- Edwin M, secondary school music teacher

"My son, also Adam, has had lessons with Adam for over a year. My son has some learning difficulties with dyslexia and like all 10 year old boys his concentration roams. However, Adam (the teacher) has been incredibly patient with him and using a few innovative ideas has got him playing simple tunes on the cornet so much so that he was able to play a fanfare in his school play. Adam is a very personable young man and I think anyone looking for a cornet or  trumpet teacher would be well served by him."
- Tony H, Doctor

Funeral Trumpet Player London

There are many reasons why people include music in Funeral and Memorial Services: A particular song can remind us of the person who has died and provide moments of precious memories. When we are dealing with overwhelming grief, music has the ability to soothe and comfort us. When making Funeral Song and Funeral Music choices, remember: There are no rules about the type of music that is best for a Funeral or Memorial Service.

Beautiful hymns, classical music, or gentle Celtic Aires provide soothing background music and are often the choice while people are gathering in the chapel or funeral home. Many people are easing away from traditional Funeral Songs and Funeral Music and are choosing music that reflects the taste of the person who has died. This can include modern or New Orleans jazz, country, blues, pop, or music of a specific instrument.

Below is one of the popular tunes for such an occasion called IL SILENZIO.

Funeral repertoire for trumpet:

Il Silencio
Of My Hands
Oh Lord
Peace My Friends
Watch The Sunrise
Oh Lord Hear My Prayer
Jesus Remember Me
Nearer My God To Thee
Tears in Heaven
Holy Holy Holy Lord
Going Home

Funeral music often speaks to our hearts - especially in a funeral service. The use of music for a funeral usually sets the emotional tone of the service.
Choirs, singers, and soloists can also be arranged for a service.


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Wedding Trumpet Player London

With a large selection of music suitable for both Church and Civil ceremonies, a trumpet soloist is the most cost effective solution for your wedding ceremony music.

Your wedding day is the most special and beautiful day of your life. It's the ideal occasion for sharing and celebrating your love with your family, friends, and guests. The Wedding Trumpeter heralds a triumphal toast to your marriage, proclaims tones of excitement and grandeur to your future, and sounds sweetness and beauty at your ceremony. The Wedding Trumpeter creates gorgeous music to envelop your guests in feelings of warmth and happiness, and adds luster and beauty to your special day. Why not treat your guests and yourself to a splash of regal splendor?

For over five hundred years, the trumpet has been called upon by the church and royalty to herald the most important ceremonial events. It has sounded joy and festivity at weddings, granted gratitude and reverence on holy days, signaled the march to battle in times of conflict, and proclaimed a noble sentiment to the departed. No other instrument commands more authority. No other instrument defines a ceremony with greater power and majesty. When the Wedding Trumpeter performs at your wedding, everyone will be delighted with the sparkling sonorities of your ceremony.

Below are some example tunes that could be played on the ceremony and a full wedding repertoire which can be expanded based on clients needs.

Wedding repertoire for trumpet:

Air from Water Music - Heandel
Air from Suite No.3 in D - J.S.Bach
Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin - Wagner
Canon in D Pachelbel
St. Anthony Chorale Haydn
Trumpet Voluntary (Prince of Denmark) - Clarke
Trumpet Tune - H.Purcell
Amazing Grace - Traditional
Ave Maria - Schubert
Ave Verum - Mozart
Panis Angelicus - Franck
Variations on Austrian Hymn - Haydn

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