Take Trumpet Lessons on the Web with real time Video and Audio. Save time and money learning how to play the Trumpet from a seasoned professional still doing it in the real world.

Why not move from the XIX Century Trumpet Lessons

.... to the XXI Century Trumpet Lessons

Like most people, we're only accustomed to trumpet lessons in a one on one private situation... meaning that the student or the teacher have traveled to meet. Private lesson teachers going to homes, schools, churches, etc.

In recent years, technology has advanced at a rapid pace making it possible for students to seek out trumpet lessons online! Teachers are starting to gravitate toward this option more and more, offering a larger audience more options in teachers, lessons taught, and style of teaching.

Opening the possibilities of taking lessons from someone thousands of miles away that may have the information that you (as a student) are looking for! Why not try?

Here’s How It Works:

• You and I schedule a time for your lesson,
• Make your credit/debit card payment anytime before the lesson begins,
• Login to Google Meet by the appointed time and I’ll initiate our video chat.

Here’s What You Need:

Computer & Webcam


1st lesson - £30 (1 1/2 Hour lesson)
After that - £25 per (1 Hour lesson)

Any questions? Please get in touch 0739 228 0425